Hiawatha NF Rapid River

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Burning Field

This camp is in Hiawatha National Forest outside of Rapid River, MI. It’s right off of the main road and we camped only a short distance in on the forest service road. This lead to a bit of traffic, but really only like 5 people total. It made for an easy spot on our way from Denver to NH.

The spot we were at had very little signal (like 2 bars of 4g) that we were able to improve to about 20/10mbit service with the booster. At first we had it pointed at a 4g tower, but when we found other antennas on antennasearch.com and tried those, it turned out to be great LTE service. This plus the generator made it a nice easy work day.

We met some neighbors who recommended a NF campground down the street (I think it was Little Bay de Noc campground: https://goo.gl/maps/REi19JmL8LA2 but can’t be sure). They said it’s very beautiful, only like $10, and they have spots right on the lake. We will try this next time through.