Pole Mountain Medicine Bow NF

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Vedauwoo Overlook

We found this spot on Campendium here: https://www.campendium.com/pole-mountain-area

Coming out Monday morning, we saw that quite a few of the spots were occupied. I hopped on the bike and went for a little ride to scout camps and was able to find one within easy reach of the Pudu.

The camp is at the top of the hill on the side of a meadow with a cool rock outcropping and lots of nice sites around. Weirdly there were a lot of black helicopters flying around all week. It seemed to be some sort of military training where they would fly the helos close to the ground and through the mountains. If it wasn’t training, perhaps they were looking for something out there, but either way it was semi annoying because they did it alllll day.


It was a great camp for 4-wheeling because there were an infinite amount of forest service roads in the vicinity. One of the cooler trips we took was up to Veedauwoo and down Forest Road 713.D (https://goo.gl/maps/VzrfimuiKWJ2). It was a nice, fairly remote jeep trail of greenish-blue trails circumnavigating Eagle Rock. The trails were all in good condition and it was a nice drive, if not a bit longer than we expected.


We saw moose every day we were here.